Saturday, September 19, 2009

The DIY Lamp

I've made a promise a while ago (over 6 months ago) that I will blog about the DIY lamp for the orange couch room in the previous post.

Okay, the secret behind the lamp is ... *drumroll*... a wooden toy vehicle set from the local dollar store.

As you can see, I've got a couple sets of them thinking that I can fulfill some mini-DIY potentials. Look closely at the lamp, you can see that the shade is two of the 'wheels' painted white and glued together and the 'post' was initially designed to attach the wooden wheels to the vehicle - until I completely changed its destiny into a miniature lamp.
The base of the lamp was your run-of-the-mill wooden pieces from arts & crafts store. It was really difficult to glue the 'post' to the base, so I've added small bolts to make it work.
There are also many other wooden pieces in these sets that I can let my imagination runs wild, stain and glue, here and there. Just no time to tackle those yet ...
I am not completely back into the 'mini-scene' so I am not sure when I will blog again (another 6 months?). Returned to work less than two months ago after my maternity leave and let's just say 24 hrs in a day is not just enough.