Monday, October 27, 2008

Miniatures in Hong Kong ....

One of my friends whom I recently reconnected with (thanks to Facebook) had sent me a link to some impressive miniature displays From image #6 onwards, there are miniature scenes of a chinese restaurant, an old-fashioned dim sum tea house, a street food vendor, a stationery store. I am totally impressed by the details of these scenes. If I am not mistaken, I spotted quite a few Re-ment items being used here.

These works are being shown at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. You can find out more about this arts centre via this link - a place I would definitely make a trip to should I ever visit the motherland again.

Another item on my agenda today is to go visit The Little Dollhouse Company at Mt Pleasant/Eglinton. I almost forgot that I've received a 'Free Gift With $10 Purchase' coupon from the MET show that expires today. I need more hardwood flooring for my little girl's house anyways. Hopefully, the weather will hold up for a little while. Martin House at Yonge & Lawrence is the other dollhouse miniature store in Toronto but The Little Dollhouse Co is bigger with more selections.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At the MET Show ...

Here are some pictures taken from the MET show that I went with my little girl on Oct 19th:

Left - Incredible display (won Best in Show 2005) by Queenie Wu of
Middle - Handcrafted mini purses (from $10 to over $60) at minisquare booth
Right - Demostration at Bjarnesonn's booth (artist Karl Blindheim also specializes in miniature animals)
All shows come with good shopping opportunities under one roof and we've scored quite a few things as well:
Framed Van Gogh print - MiniSquare
Nintendo DS/Clear Vase - Pacific Wood Imports
Toaster/Toilet Paper Roll+Towel Bar set - Out of the Ordinary
Pillows - Les Ateliers MenuArt
Pink Rug - A gift to my little girl from the Sanatka Import & Export Inc booth
Heart Pillow/Hat/Gloves/Slippers - complimentary with show admission
(Not pictured) Fireplace with hooks for Christmas sockings each printed with my daughters' names on it
My favorite purchase was the Van Gogh Night Cafe print. My daughter's favorite is definitely the DS which I paid $8 for - sounds like a lot for a little thing but one was sold on ebay the same day for $23 USD. Now I have to start saving up to get her the real one for Christmas =)
Thing(s) that got away - I held back purchasing a $42 Noguchi coffee table. It's not a bad price for a handmade piece but getting a coffee table is not my priority right now with my limited budget for this hobby and they only had it in a light wood or black finish (not the dark brown walnut wood that I really want).
The best part of the show? When my little 5 yr old suddenly hugged and thanked me for taking her to the show.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The hunt for Lil' Roomz at Miko Toy Sale

Went to Samko-Miko Toy Warehouse Sale today and scored myself one of the Lil' Bratz's Lil' Gym sets for $5 (and someone is selling this on ebay right now for $20 USD+shipping). The doll and accessories from this set should work well in a 1:12 setting.

I am not sure if I will ever come around doing a 'home gym' scene, but I can always use the green shelving unit (with the 'star' panel removed), the portable stereo and the towels in different types of rooms.
This set is part of the Lil' Bratz Lil' Roomz series which I believe is discontinued and I really want to get my hands on the Lil' Lounger and Lil' Bedroom sets (top row of the pic below & pls excuse the poor pic quality). The sale is located 5 mins from my house and will be on for another couple of months ... which means I will be checking it out quite often to see if they have the other sets available when they restock =)
My buddies at work and I have always been 'anti-Bratz' since we don't think they portray the best image/role models for little girls, but I think I will let my daughter play with this one because she's the only doll that fits this scale (all of her other ones are the regular Barbie/Blythe 1:6).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto Annual Show

I am planning to check out this local miniature show this weekend. This will be the first miniature show for me and I am pretty excited. I am taking my five-year old daughter who loves dollhouse miniature stuff as much as I do but my almost-3 month old will have to hang out with daddy instead because I won't be able to stroller her in.

Here are the show details:
Date - October 18th & 19th
Location - The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto (Don Mills), Ontario

Friday, October 10, 2008

About this blog - inpiration & dedication

It was back in March 2008 that a friend of mine told me that she’s been looking at children dollhouses for her little girl. Somehow our email conversations and online browsing had led me to a very interesting blog ( The idea of decorating on a miniature scale had totally intrigued me because this would enable me to execute my passion for modern interior design without having to re-decorate my own home over and over again (no time nor the budget for that).

With the average living space for a four-person household in Hong Kong is less than a thousand square feet, I did not have my own dollhouse when growing up as a child. Miniature dolls, furniture and accessories were not familiar to me. However, I always had a creative side of me in my ways of ‘play’. In my sister’s maid-of-honour speech at my wedding, she talked about how 'like every other kid, we often played house except (my) idea of playing house includes building an actual house out of bedsheets and blankets, complete with a kitchen area and two bedrooms’. Okay, maybe her description was a bit exaggerated … it was more like a studio condo. Most of the times it was the ‘blanket condo’ but there were also many other creative plays using things found around the house. To me, the possibilities of creative play were endless.

Today I get to play with dollhouses and miniatures with my five year old daughter, but my sister had always been my favorite ‘play-mate’ when I was a little girl. She was my only sibling and passed away suddenly three years ago. To remember the happy and playful childhood that we’ve shared together, I am dedicating my first personal blog to my beloved sister.