Friday, October 10, 2008

About this blog - inpiration & dedication

It was back in March 2008 that a friend of mine told me that she’s been looking at children dollhouses for her little girl. Somehow our email conversations and online browsing had led me to a very interesting blog ( The idea of decorating on a miniature scale had totally intrigued me because this would enable me to execute my passion for modern interior design without having to re-decorate my own home over and over again (no time nor the budget for that).

With the average living space for a four-person household in Hong Kong is less than a thousand square feet, I did not have my own dollhouse when growing up as a child. Miniature dolls, furniture and accessories were not familiar to me. However, I always had a creative side of me in my ways of ‘play’. In my sister’s maid-of-honour speech at my wedding, she talked about how 'like every other kid, we often played house except (my) idea of playing house includes building an actual house out of bedsheets and blankets, complete with a kitchen area and two bedrooms’. Okay, maybe her description was a bit exaggerated … it was more like a studio condo. Most of the times it was the ‘blanket condo’ but there were also many other creative plays using things found around the house. To me, the possibilities of creative play were endless.

Today I get to play with dollhouses and miniatures with my five year old daughter, but my sister had always been my favorite ‘play-mate’ when I was a little girl. She was my only sibling and passed away suddenly three years ago. To remember the happy and playful childhood that we’ve shared together, I am dedicating my first personal blog to my beloved sister.

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Bonnie is probably busy with making miniature stuff right now. So look out for the pieces that have her "name" wriiten all over them.
May be you'll find those boots from Lane Crawford at one of the shows!
Crazy Aunt