Friday, October 17, 2008

The hunt for Lil' Roomz at Miko Toy Sale

Went to Samko-Miko Toy Warehouse Sale today and scored myself one of the Lil' Bratz's Lil' Gym sets for $5 (and someone is selling this on ebay right now for $20 USD+shipping). The doll and accessories from this set should work well in a 1:12 setting.

I am not sure if I will ever come around doing a 'home gym' scene, but I can always use the green shelving unit (with the 'star' panel removed), the portable stereo and the towels in different types of rooms.
This set is part of the Lil' Bratz Lil' Roomz series which I believe is discontinued and I really want to get my hands on the Lil' Lounger and Lil' Bedroom sets (top row of the pic below & pls excuse the poor pic quality). The sale is located 5 mins from my house and will be on for another couple of months ... which means I will be checking it out quite often to see if they have the other sets available when they restock =)
My buddies at work and I have always been 'anti-Bratz' since we don't think they portray the best image/role models for little girls, but I think I will let my daughter play with this one because she's the only doll that fits this scale (all of her other ones are the regular Barbie/Blythe 1:6).

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No offense. She looks creepy to me.

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