Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At the MET Show ...

Here are some pictures taken from the MET show that I went with my little girl on Oct 19th:

Left - Incredible display (won Best in Show 2005) by Queenie Wu of http://www.minisquare.com/
Middle - Handcrafted mini purses (from $10 to over $60) at minisquare booth
Right - Demostration at Bjarnesonn's booth (artist Karl Blindheim also specializes in miniature animals)
All shows come with good shopping opportunities under one roof and we've scored quite a few things as well:
Framed Van Gogh print - MiniSquare
Nintendo DS/Clear Vase - Pacific Wood Imports
Toaster/Toilet Paper Roll+Towel Bar set - Out of the Ordinary
Pillows - Les Ateliers MenuArt
Pink Rug - A gift to my little girl from the Sanatka Import & Export Inc booth
Heart Pillow/Hat/Gloves/Slippers - complimentary with show admission
(Not pictured) Fireplace with hooks for Christmas sockings each printed with my daughters' names on it
My favorite purchase was the Van Gogh Night Cafe print. My daughter's favorite is definitely the DS which I paid $8 for - sounds like a lot for a little thing but one was sold on ebay the same day for $23 USD. Now I have to start saving up to get her the real one for Christmas =)
Thing(s) that got away - I held back purchasing a $42 Noguchi coffee table. It's not a bad price for a handmade piece but getting a coffee table is not my priority right now with my limited budget for this hobby and they only had it in a light wood or black finish (not the dark brown walnut wood that I really want).
The best part of the show? When my little 5 yr old suddenly hugged and thanked me for taking her to the show.


cuesea@aol.com said...

What is the definition of "minature"? Restrictions?

Crazy Aunt

cuesea@aol.com said...

Hey Alvin, how's it going? Since Victoria is into this new hobbie. I think she needs a new camera for x'mas. My brother bought me one that can shoot at point blank, with anti-shake technology - SONY Cuber-shot. You can even shoot hours of movies.

Crazy Aunt (who loves you just the same)

vwong said...

I don't think there is any actual restrictions to 'miniature' - anything that's reproduced on a smaller scale to the actual object. My hobby focuses on miniature furnitures/accessories that are compatible with a dollhouse scene (e.g. a miniature house or shop, etc.). There are many different miniature scales available. The most popular scale would be 1:12 (1 inch = 12 inches) that I mostly collect, but there are also 1:6 (e.g. Barbie and most Re-ment miniature items), 1:16, 1:18, etc.