Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mini-project: Flairline Living Room Set Makeover

With the cold weather lurking around, I’ve spent a bit of time indoors and worked on a couple of ‘mini-projects’. One of them was to update this Flairline living room set that I’ve got off ebay.

The original sofa and chairs (above left) used red felt as the back and seat cushions. I’ve got some thin foam core, cut it to size and ‘upholstered’ them with light olive green fabric. The fabric came from a pair of pillowcases that were bought from a discount store for $2 and I still have tons of fabric leftover for future projects.

I didn't really decorate the room in the 'after' shot because I am in the middle of re-organizing my mini-stuff to my basement/guest room area. Need to clear the clutter that I've created from the past several months and give our Christmas tree back its spot.

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Modern MC said...

Ahh! You made that Flairline couch look great. I always wanted to have someone make that design out of zebrawood...never happened. ha ha!