Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Haute Dollhouse

Just came across this blog called The Fashion Doll Chronicles and one of the blogs 'Welcome to the Haute Dollhouse – A homage to Jonathan Adler by Michael Williams' shows pictures from Michael Williams’ Flickr album that made my jaw dropped! They are closer to 1:6 Barbie scale and here are a couple of my many favorites:

The rooms are simply lovely and what amazes me even more is Michael's way of using simple arts and craft materials + creativity = design objects. More details on how he put together these rooms are provided in the links above.

Spotting these came in a good time as I am also trying to channel my own creative energy right now - in the process of reupholstering/remodelling a vintage Flairline living room set that I got off ebay. Now that I've already started getting my hands dirty, maybe I will try some of Michael's ideas as well.

Images: - Welcome to the Haute Dollhouse photoset

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