Sunday, February 15, 2009

Area 12 Contemporary Dollhouse

What a gem! Although I haven't been playing around creating dollhouse scenes of my own lately, but that doesn't mean I've stopped my daily browsing of ebay, Flickr and mini-blogs that I follow.
This morning I came across this Area 12 Contemporary Dollhouse on Flickr and just simply wow'd by all the pics. Wonder how much one of these bad boys may cost? Safe to guess that it's totally out of my budget.

Off to getting ready for Sunday brunch with 20 something of our dear friends ... gotta rush so I will just let the pictures do the talking.
Images: - Area 12 Contemporary Dollhouse photoset


Altera said...

Oh man - this house is GORGEOUS. Great find!

Altera said...

Hi vwong -

If you are still interested in the Voila large dollhouse, not sure if you've seen it here already, but it seems to be carried by this Canadian retailer:

vwong said...

Tks Altera ... definitely still interested in the Voila house. Would love to join you and the few lucky others as proud owners of the Kaleidoscope House, but it's out of my budget (money for the little ones swimming, skating, etc. lessons is priority). While Voila ... it's do-able after I get off mat leave and clear more room in my basement - maybe I should sell my hubby's ugly video game chairs (taking up room) on craigslist.