Monday, October 27, 2008

Miniatures in Hong Kong ....

One of my friends whom I recently reconnected with (thanks to Facebook) had sent me a link to some impressive miniature displays From image #6 onwards, there are miniature scenes of a chinese restaurant, an old-fashioned dim sum tea house, a street food vendor, a stationery store. I am totally impressed by the details of these scenes. If I am not mistaken, I spotted quite a few Re-ment items being used here.

These works are being shown at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. You can find out more about this arts centre via this link - a place I would definitely make a trip to should I ever visit the motherland again.

Another item on my agenda today is to go visit The Little Dollhouse Company at Mt Pleasant/Eglinton. I almost forgot that I've received a 'Free Gift With $10 Purchase' coupon from the MET show that expires today. I need more hardwood flooring for my little girl's house anyways. Hopefully, the weather will hold up for a little while. Martin House at Yonge & Lawrence is the other dollhouse miniature store in Toronto but The Little Dollhouse Co is bigger with more selections.


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