Saturday, November 1, 2008

Confession of a 'mini-aholic'

Since I am 'new' to this mini-obession, I don't own a dollhouse to display my collection/set up miniature settings. My first 'trial' at this, with a very limited amount of goodies, was done on my Ikea Expedit shelf unit (see left pic below). Just about a couple of months ago, my husband finally put together a children's dollhouse that was a birthday gift from our friends to our older daughter. It's the 'Pretty Pink Dollhouse' made by Imaginarium (see right pic below). Although it's no longer on the Toys R Us Canada website, it's still available in their stores for about $70 CDN. The price includes all the wooden furniture you see in this 'before' pic and I really like how clean the white walls are. Not to mention that it took my husband no more than half an hour to snap and screw it together.

So what did mommy and daughter do after daddy had finally assembled the house?
Hehehe ... I know that this doesn't look like the work of a 5 yr old. Well, the deal is that I get to use her house and she gets to play with my 'more realistic' furniture pieces (although I made her promise to be extra careful with my Reac Japan chairs collection).
This house is only a temporary solution to my 'mini-fix' because its rooms are better suited for smaller scale furniture e.g. 1:16 or 1:18. Until I find my own dream house to invest in, I suppose I shall remain a tenant in my kid's house.


Megan said...

HELP! I need to find some modern or even retro mini furniture (such as REAC or Vitra) chairs as soon as possible....but on a budget. Can you suggest any web sites?

vwong said...

I've got my Reac chairs from ebay (do a search using 'miniature chair'). I think it's best value if you purchase a set (e.g. complete volume 1 and/or 2, 3, 4, 5) because they usually work out to be less per chair and may save on shipping charges from the same seller. Around $50 USD per volume + shipping should be pretty reasonable. Some Vitra chairs can also be found on ebay but note that they are 1:6 scale thus bigger than Reac.

If you don't want to ebay. You can also get them from the Angolz online store under Mini Figures-Furniture

Not sure where you are located, but there are a couple of retailers that sell Reac chairs in Toronto (Morba or The Little Dollhouse Company). Their selection may be more limited and would cost approx $15 per chair or more depending on which one.