Friday, November 14, 2008

My Dream House

As mentioned in my previous post, I am still in the hunt for my own 'dollhouse'. One house that I would really like to have is the Kaleidoscope House by Bozart Toys.

This house is now out of production and highly sought after. From what I've read before, I think it's going for under $200 at retail and nowadays, you can find new or used ones on ebay. Just to give some idea on pricing/market value, there is a used one on ebay with some furnitures included bidding for about $72 as we speak with 5 days still to go. The last couple of ones that I've 'watched' went for around $550 to $650. Not sure how much this will go for but its not-as-good-condition may end up fetching a lower price. On the other hand, there is a brand new in box one has a starting price at $1,000 (no bid placed yet) with 6 more days to go. All these are still out of the budget for me, especially I've just bought my baby girl a new set of 'wheels' (a Bugaboo Bee at an incredible show special price but still not cheap).

Besides the house, the Kaleidoscope House furniture and accessory sets were also sold separately when they were all in production. These sets contain pieces designed by various known artists, e.g. Jonathan Adler, Karim Rashid, etc. and are as highly collectible as the house. I've been checking ebay from time to time for these sets and lost the bid on the Jasper Morrison modular living room set not long ago (it ended up selling for $177 and my bid just before end time was $175). There are quite a flood of just under 20 of these Kaleidoscope House furniture/accessory sets on ebay right now. I consider it a 'flood' being there are more than the odd one here and there that usually pop up when doing the search. Sadly, no Jasper Morrison living room set though.


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